Audio transformers

Elsta's toroidal audio transformers in audio design can meet the most demanding requirements in electroacoustics. They are characterized by the highest quality, quiet operation and excellent electrical parameters. Made on the basis of high quality elements selected in our laboratory.

Transformers series TTA  are characterized, inter alia, by the impregnation of the core and the windings. Equipped with electric (between windings) and magnetically shielded (external noise shield). Resin casting and anti-vibration mountings are effective in dampening vibrations and vibrations that may occur during transformer operation.

The toroidal design ensures that compared to classical transformers, they are characterized by lower power losses, less magnetic dispersion, light weight and dimensions, and a small difference between open circuit voltage and load.

  The TTA audio transformer is designed to power low and medium power tube devices. In this regard, it can be used in pre-amplifiers, tube buffers, headphone amplifiers based on popular low-power triodes (for example, ECC83, ECC81, ECC88, etc.), etc.

   Audio transformers improve sound quality by removing noise from audio signals. This interference or ground noise is caused by voltages from other devices and produces hum or buzz.


Mains voltage-230V

Audio transformer secondary voltages-200V, 9V (with 6.3V tap)

Power of the transformer - any under the order.

  The method of outputting the glow voltage (2 x 3.15 V) allows to achieve symmetrization of the filament voltage (to exclude the mains hum) by combining the winding with the ground. 

Options :

Mains voltage-230V

Secondary voltages of audio transformer-235V, 2 x 3.15V 

Power of the transformer - any under the order.

 We can produce a transformer for horizontal or vertical installation, as well as in a metal or plastic (on request) case.

Light gray color (serial) -powder painting; black or other colors on request.  

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