Isolation (Isolation) Transformers - Purpose and Benefits

   Isolation transformers are used to transfer electrical power from an AC power source to a device where the device must be galvanically isolated from the power source to ensure safety. They provide galvanic isolation, which provides isolation of various sections of electrical systems to prevent current flow. There is no direct conduction path here, but energy is still transferred between sites through capacitance, induction, or electromagnetic waves. However, these transformers block the transmission of the DC component in the signals from one circuit to another, while allowing the AC components to pass through.синусоида на выходе разделительного трансформатора

  Isolation transformers with 1: 1 input / output voltage ratio between primary and secondary windings are used to protect against electric shock between earth and live conductors. They are also used to suppress electrical noise and are used to supply power to sensitive devices such as computers, medical devices and laboratory instruments. In such transformers, the primary and secondary windings are electrically isolated from each other, and high voltages in the range from 1000 to 4000 volts (the so-called breakdown voltage) can be applied between the windings. Every isolation transformer is tested with this voltage during production.

What are the benefits of isolation transformers?

    The purposes of using an isolation transformer depend on the area in which it is used and can be very diverse. Let's name some of them:

  • Isolation in different circuits can be replaced with isolation transformers. With a 1: 1 ratio, isolation transformers can separate the primary from the secondary.
  • Isolation transformers facilitate DC isolation. In the case of communication lines where amplifiers are required at different intervals, it is the isolation transformers that separate the DC components from the signal to drive each amplifier in the line.
  • Isolating transformers prevent the risk of electric shock. They ensure the separation of a person from a source in such a way that a person cannot get under voltage from a source of infinite power.
  • Without isolation, when testing and servicing electronics, touching a live part of a circuit can be dangerous. Thus, 1: 1 isolation transformers are used for safety purposes. Isolation transformers have proven to be an excellent test option. Where there is a danger to life when working with powerful electrical devices, you can connect a small power transformer and work with the secondary circuit voltage, but with a limitation on the power of the transformer.
  • All kinds of noise that are created when an audio amplifier is connected to the speaker output circuit is reduced by using isolation transformers.
  • Isolation transformers allow you to remove some harmonics and bring the voltage waveform closer to the correct sinusoidal waveform. Needed where it is necessary to cut off the harmful effects of PWM modulation, etc.

 Where are isolation transformers used?

  • Low-power isolation transformers are used for isolation in impulse circuits.
  • Isolation transformers are used to provide electrical isolation in medical equipment.
  • Isolating transformers are used to supply devices that have no earth potential.
  • Isolation transformers are used in the testing and maintenance of electronics to ensure safety, without which touching live parts of a circuit with dangerous voltages can cause serious damage.

    Whatever your requirements, you can order best-in-class toroidal isolation transformers from us. We produce isolation (isolation) transformers in the power range from 20VA to 100kVA. Single-phase and three-phase.

Single-phase versions:

  • Just a transformer for further installation in a cabinet, board or device.
  • Transformer with fixing plates and terminal blocks, ready for connection. The option is horizontal, vertical or on a dinrake.
  • Transformer in a case-equipped with a socket, switch and power cord.

Three-phase versions:

  • Three transformers (torus).
  • Shelf-constructive with fixed transformers and connected in a star or delta.
  • Closed metal case with transformers and terminal blocks (including hermetic design).

 Order an isolation transformer 

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