What are the benefits of using toroidal transformers?

    The toroidal transformer gets its name from the shape of the torus. It resembles the shape of a donut. Structurally, it is a ring wound from rolled laminated transformer steel, or from pressed powder (ferrite, alcifer ...) around which a ring winding is wound. These transformers are used in a variety of applications such as amplifiers, power supplies and inverters and many others. There are many reasons why toroidal transformers  have proven themselves better than other conventional transformers, some of which are mentioned below.  

1.Small size and light weight. A toroidal transformer is almost half the size and weight of other standard transformers of the same wattage! Because the ideal shape of the transformer requires the least material consumption. In addition, the windings are symmetrically distributed throughout the core, which makes the wire length very short. Its compact size makes it useful for small compact electrical products.

2.Flexible sizes. While the cross section of the toroidal transformer remains constant, the height and diameter can be changed depending on the power. This means that toroidal transformers can be used in devices where other transformers are not suitable.

3.Easy to install Toroidal transformers require only one center bolt for mounting. This results in faster and easier installation of transformers, which reduces assembly time during equipment manufacturing. On the other hand, other standard transformers require four screws. Toroidal transformers can be mounted using pressureless mounting plates, resin-cast with brass inserts, PCB mounting, or fully sealed in plastic or metal housings.

4.High efficiency The efficiency of a transformer can be defined as the net output power supplied to the load divided by the power supplied to the transformer. The difference between these two values is determined by the core and winding losses. Toroidal transformers are generally 90-95% efficient compared to other transformers, which are typically less than 90%. This best efficiency is achieved by using high quality grained steel in the core and windings that are symmetrically distributed around the entire circumference of the core.

5.Low mechanical noise When the windings and core layers vibrate due to the forces between the coil turns and core delamination, an audible hum is generated in transformers. In addition, hum increases over time as the laminate begins to loosen. The structure is tightened with a threaded rod, which also weakens over time. But the design of toroidal transformers helps attenuate acoustic noise! The core is tightly wound with pre-tension, spot welded and annealed. The uniform winding of the core leaves no air gaps, thus leaving no loose vibrating sheets, which ultimately leads to a reduction in noise. Even if a hum is heard when the power is turned on, it dies down to a quieter level after a few seconds.

6.Weak magnetic field Due to the unique design of toroidal transformers, they emit about 1/10 of the magnetic field of other transformer designs. This magnetic field converts energy from the primary to the secondary windings. Thus, there is no need for any special shielding, making these transformers suitable for use in sensitive electronic equipment such as medical equipment, CRTs and low level amplifiers.

All of the above advantages clearly show why toroidal transformers are so much better than other standard transformers. You can contact the manager of our company to get the best-in-class toroidal transformer in Ukraine today!


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    The last two photos show conventional, not toroidal, transformers.

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