Manufacture of metal products

 We carry out a full range of metalworking works. Works on bending, cutting, laser cutting, welding (semi-automatic and argon-arc) and powder painting of sheet metal and shaped pipes ... We will produce housings for radio electronic equipment, substations, cabinets and other various metal products.

  • - 3D design (SolidWorks software, if necessary to create a control file for laser cutting)
  • - laser cutting, guillotine cutting
  • - machining (drilling, chamfering, carving)
  • - bending elements
  • - installation of rivet nuts from M3 to M12
  • - spot welding of sheets
  • - welding of parts and structures using TIG and MIG methods
  • - grinding
  • - powder coated 
  • - assembly of finished items

We work with all types of metals - black steel, stainless steel, aluminum. We carry out both serial and single orders. (For a single version, a limited choice of powder paint colors) 

To miscalculate the work, send a sketch to us by mail in the section Contacts