The hidden dangers of electric vehicles

Insurance company AXA has found an increase in accidents among larger electric vehicle models. 


Electric vehicles have a surprise for insurance companies: they are associated with more accidents than cars with internal combustion engines. The reality is not as disturbing as it may seem, but the insurance company AXA Group (France), based on its internal service statistics, claims that some characteristics of battery-powered vehicles may surprise their owners unpleasantly. At least until they get used to the new driving style.

  The problem is that battery-powered cars accelerate much faster than gasoline or diesel cars, because the electric motor delivers full torque as soon as the driver touches the gas pedal. Maximum acceleration is available immediately, and this circumstance, in turn, can lead to more road accidents. The Swiss branch of the insurance company came to this conclusion after analyzing the files of its clients, and conducting a crash test to confirm the data.

  In its report, AXA indicates that large and luxury EVs and SUVs have 40% higher access rates than comparable ICE-equipped models. In the lower segments, the numbers are nevertheless similar.

“In addition to the classic driving lessons, special knowledge of different types of vehicles is gaining in importance. In particular with regard to electric vehicles, motorists must first get used to the different braking and accelerating methods, ”says AXA accident researcher Bettina Zand.

Additional problem
  The use of innovative technologies in cars has another negative side, which the insurance company mentions in its report: "99 out of 100 drivers of electric vehicles, whose models are equipped with an autopilot, say they also use it, more often on the road and over long distances."

Although the word "autopilot" used in the text is a driving aid in modern cars (adaptive cruise control, signal recognition, lane keep assist ...). It is more of a semi-automatic pilot. And this is one of the risks: to believe that the car is capable of driving on its own. “More automation” also means a greater risk of drivers relying too heavily on technology. There are several accidents that have been caused by the driver's over-reliance on the system, ”says the AXA study.

Following the responses from respondents, the report concludes that EV drivers tend to be more interested in innovation, know more about assistance systems, and use them more often, for good and bad. All currently available systems must be constantly monitored and double-monitored for a fool. Although these systems act as support, drivers should not rely on them too much to jeopardize their own safety and the safety of others, ”confirms Bettina Sand.

Fire risk
Accidents are equally dangerous in an electric vehicle and a car with an internal combustion engine. They pass the same crash tests and are equipped with the same safety features, and if a very strong collision occurs, the high-voltage electrical unit shuts down to avoid a possible short circuit that could cause a fire. In fact, AXA data indicates that electric vehicles do not burn out more often than other vehicles. However, it is true that a burning battery ignites and burns very quickly, and this fire is also very difficult to extinguish due to the chemical components and reactions in the battery.

Source "El Motor"


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