Toroidal transformer - device and design

Toroidal transformer has a perfect design, unlike other transformers. In fact, the first transformer designed by Faraday was a toroidal core transformer. Toroidal cores are made of magnetic coil transformer steel with very low loss levels and high saturation induction. This is achieved by heating the toroidal frame to a high temperature, and then cooling it according to a special program. This allows high saturation levels of up to 16,000 Gauss to be achieved. In a toroidal transformer, the magnetic flux is evenly distributed in the core and, due to the absence of intermediate metal parts and technological gaps.
Likewise, since all the winding coils are evenly distributed over the core surface, the noise caused by magnetostriction virtually disappears. Also, the toroidal transformer has the best thermal characteristics, which contributes to good cooling of the transformer. There is no need to use coolers and fans.Устройство тороидального трансформатора

  1. Metal disc
  2. Rubber lining
  3. Primary winding terminals
  4. Secondary winding
  5. Insulating layer between shield and secondary winding
  6. Shielding winding
  7. Insulating layer between shield and primary winding  
  8. Primary winding
  9. Core insulation
  10. Magnetic toroidal core
  11. Thermal fuse
  12. Fasteners
  13. Cover insulation of transformer

Main advantages of toroidal transformer

  • Low dispersion rates
  • Less heating
  • Low weight and size
  • Compact, easy to install in electrical equipment

  Applications of toroidal transformers

  Toroidal transformers have numerous areas of application, and among them we can emphasize the following as the most common:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical electronics.
  • Converters
  • Power supply systems
  • Audio systems
  • Security systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Low voltage lighting
  • As well as any other energy efficient equipment
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