Isolation transformer 220V / 220V

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Isolation transformer (safety transformer) - a toroidal transformer designed to separate the mains supplying the electrical appliance from the voltage source, as well as from the grounding or grounding network. The transformer will be an isolation transformer if its secondary winding is not grounded.

Usually, transformers with a transformation ratio equal to 1. It is allowed to connect only one consumer to one transformer. In the event of a breakdown of electric current to the body of electrical equipment, there is no sparking, the equipment is in working order. The resulting leakage currents are not dangerous to humans and do not lead to failure of electrical equipment.

Isolating transformers are used where galvanic isolation of the primary and secondary (load) circuits is required, as well as isolation of the connected equipment from the ground loop. Electrical equipment is recommended to be connected to the network, to increase electrical safety, increase reliability and service life, through an isolation transformer.

  For example, according to the "Electrical Installation Rules", bathrooms are classified as especially hazardous premises due to the presence of high humidity, flowing water and an abundance of metal products with unstable grounding. Installation of 220 V sockets is allowed only in a certain area of such premises, and special measures must be taken to protect against electric shock, in particular, it is allowed to connect sockets through an isolation transformer. 

  The use of such a connection to an electrical receiver significantly reduces the likelihood of electric shock, since the currents arising in the event of an insulation breakdown are of little importance, which is due to the galvanic isolation of the secondary circuits of the transformer from the ground circuits. 

Advantages and purpose of isolation transformers

                  We manufacture isolation transformers as:

  •        Transformer only;
  •        Transformer with mounting hardware and terminal blocks;
  •        Transformer in a closed metal case with a power cord, switch, socket (or several on demand) for connecting the consumer; 


Трансформатор разделительный Трансформатор ОСМ-20Трансформатор ЯТП

 At the request of the customer, the transformers can be equipped with a screen between the primary and secondary windings, the grounding of which multiplies the separating properties of the transformer. Isolation transformers can be used to power any electrical equipment with a capacity from 100VA to 60 kVA

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