TAN power transformers

Unified power transformers of the TAN type (anode-filament transformers) are used in electronic equipment when powered from an industrial AC network with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 127 and 220 V. Unlike transformers of the TA series, TAN transformers have additional secondary windings on
voltage 6,3 / 5 V, designed to power the filament circuits of radio tubes. The main electrical parameters of TAN transformers are given in the table

The tables give the rated values of the voltages and currents of the secondary windings. Transformers are grouped in groups of the same power. The heading of the group gives the type of core on which the transformers of the group are assembled, power (N) and the current (I) of the primary winding: in the numerator - when powered from a network of 127 V, in the denominator - 220 V. Parameter I2 is the current of the secondary filament windings, the terminal numbers of which are: 19-20-21 and 22-23-24 for armored transformers structures and 13-14-15 and 22-23-24 - for transformers of a rod structure. The voltage between the first and third terminals is 6.3 V, between the first and second - 5 V.

The voltages at the taps of the primary windings of the TAN transformers for 127/220 V are:

  • between terminals 1 and 2, 4 and 5 - 110 V;
  • between terminals 2 and 3, 5 and 6 - 7 V.

Electrical diagrams of TAN transformers are shown in Fig. 1 ... 4. Option Fig. 1 - a diagram of armored transformers made on the cores of ShL and ShLM, allowing connection to the network with a voltage of both 127 V and 220 V. In the first case, it is necessary to connect terminals 1 and 4, 3 and 6, while the primary windings 1-3 and 4-6 are connected in parallel, apply 127 V to pins 1 and 3. In the second case, connect pins 2 and 4, and apply 220 V to pins 1 and 5.

Option Fig. 2 - a diagram of armored transformers designed for connection to a network with a voltage of only 220 V. This voltage is supplied to terminals 1 and 5.

A feature of the implementation of transformers of a rod structure, made on the cores of the submarine, is the placement of the windings in the form of two sections. One primary and half of the secondary windings are located on one rod, the rest on the other. Moreover, the filament windings are also distributed. However, the numbering of the windings when

трансформаторы ТАНтрансформаторы ТАН-классификационная таблица

Трансформаторы ТАН

Трансформаторы питания типа ТАН

As in the case of the TA series transformers, the equipment uses modified anode-filament transformers with a reduced copper consumption, assembled on cores that provide a decrease in weight. The main electrical parameters of these transformers are given in 


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