Constant voltage source

   Direct current has been regaining its former positions since the time of opposition of the two concepts of N. Tesla and T. Edison. This is mainly due to the rapid development of IoT technologies. Direct current is very convenient for controlling electric motors, unlike alternating current, complex PWM control is not needed here. This is especially true for smart home systems, where various programs are required to be processed by executing engines. With the development of electric vehicles, more and more direct current is required to charge electric vehicle batteries. The development of technologies for the production of large-capacity batteries makes it possible to store electricity. And here, too, the use of direct current is irreplaceable.

Трансформатор постоянного тока

Our company manufactures DC voltage transformers of various capacities. We can design and manufacture a constant voltage source for any voltage required to meet your needs.

Модель трансформатора постоянного тока Проект трансформатора постоянного тока


Источник постоянного тока 1ктрансформаторный источник постоянного тока


You can order a single-phase or three-phase transformer (at the input) with constant voltage at the output from us.

   Execution - in a case, with structural fasteners (OSM) or on a DIN rail or for built-in mounting Transformers are dry, with natural or forced air cooling.

   Designed for use in devices where constant voltage is required:

  • For connecting DC motors 12-600V
  • For powering security systems, alarm systems and other low-current equipment in the switchboard (mounting on the din or directly in the switchboard);
  • Redundant power supplies;
  • Electroplating;
  • Start-up chargers;
  • Smart home devices, executive motors;
  • Another where constant voltage is required.

We produce equipment in the range of 30VA-100kVA - single-phase version, as well as 30VA-200kVA-three-phase execution. 

Voltage input (alternating current) from 1V to 1000V, output (direct current) from 1V to 1000V

The equipment includes - toroidal transformer corresponding to the input and output voltage, rectifier bridge, filter, residual current circuit breaker (power> 1000VA or on demand), load release (power> 10kVA) or on / off button (low-power devices up to 1000VA), power cord, fork. By output: terminal block, quick-detachable power connector or other at the request of the customer. (Samples of our equipment)

All equipment undergoes final inspection before shipment to the customer. Equipment warranty - 2 years.

Трансформатор ОСМ 600ВА.380-36В,110В









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