Lighting transformer

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Currently, there are two key problems in the electric lighting market:

  • energy saving;
  • lamp life and equipment. 

   Let's take a closer look at each of these problems. At first glance, the problem of electric lighting may not seem so important when designing lighting systems in an apartment or office.

But with the number of lamps from 1000 or more, or when designing powerful systems, for example, street lighting, the problem of energy saving comes to the fore. The lamp resource is an equally important problem. the cost of lamps is directly proportional to their quality and the name of the manufacturer. When we talk about the resource, we must take into account the cost of replacing the lamp, because this may require special equipment and personnel. And some inexpensive lamp of an outdated modification with a short service life will turn out to be much more expensive to operate than a super-expensive lamp of a well-known brand.
    Incandescent lamps, discharge lamps, etc. - it's all yesterday. The trend of today is light-emitting diode (LED) lighting... Now there are high-brightness LEDs that are used for lighting. The lifespan of modern LEDs is approximately 50,000 hours, which is almost 6 continuous operations! Their only drawback, or rather 2 drawbacks, is the cost and availability of additional equipment for lamp operation. If the cost is a conditional disadvantage, because energy saving and long service life turn this disadvantage into a virtue. What is better to buy an expensive lamp and forget about it for 5-7 years, or buy and change them every 0.5-1 years? But with the use of additional equipment, i.e. transformer problem may occur. In Ukraine, as a rule, they are used to using electronic transformers. In an electronic transformer at the output, we have a high frequency switching signal of 37-79 kHz. The problems that arise because of this are shown in the following video. 

We offer a solution to this problem - toroidal electromagnetic transformer... The frequency of work is 50Hz. At the input, the mains alternating voltage is 220V; at the output - constant 12V. No interference problems. Power range from 40VA to 15kVA. thus, it is enough to equip one place and install one transformer of the required power, and not to recruit a line of electronic transformers, the maximum power of which is limited.


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