Lighting transformers

Using low voltage lighting

Dry transformers of low voltage type 220V to 12V (24V).

For those who may not know, the low voltage lighting system consists of a step-down transformer, low voltage cable and low voltage fixtures. The transformer includes a primary and a secondary winding and reduces the voltage from 220V (110V-American standard) to a low voltage of 12V or 24V. The transformer used in a low voltage lighting system can be either electronic or electromagnetic. We produce electromagnetic toroidal transformers from 30W to 40KW.

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It should be taken into account that the estimated power consumption of the transformer should always be equal, if not more than, the total power consumption of the lighting system. Further, it must be borne in mind that the transformer usually consumes the minimum power before it starts to work. For example, a 60 watt electronic transformer consumes at least 10 watts, and if there is only 5 watts of lighting load, the system will not work.Трансформатор тороидальный 220В на 12В для запитки галогеновых ламп

The low voltage cable connected to the transformer distributes the power to the luminaires. It is possible to provide illumination control in the low voltage circuit, regardless of whether it is implemented on an electronic or magnetic transformer. When using a dimmer with a low voltage lighting system, the dimmer must always be installed so that it controls the line voltage of the transformer. You should choose a dimmer that is compatible with electronic transformer or electromagnetic transformer.

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Low voltage lighting systems require heavier wires (larger cross-sections) as they carry more current. However, there is no need to hide the low voltage cable in a sleeve or electrical box. The low voltage cable does not pose a serious hazard, even in a relatively humid environment. However, for aesthetic purposes, it can also be hidden. 
The installation of a low voltage lighting system is quite simple and does not require any special skills. It is necessary, however, to adhere to some precautions. All electrical connections must be reliable and safe as not a small current flows through them. Otherwise, a transition resistance and an arc can form, which can severely heat the cable, and the entire lighting system can fail and can even cause a fire.сухие трансформаторы

Low voltage dry type transformer "Elsta" is economical and energy saving in operation. The popularity of low voltage systems has grown significantly in recent years. Low voltage halogen lamps and low voltage xenon lighting systems can be found in many restaurants, hotels, bars, shops, art galleries, and even homes. And also low voltage lighting can be used in porches, staircases, roads, as landscape lighting and decoration of patios, decks and flower beds.

The brightness level of the illumination is determined by the power consumption of the lamp that is selected. The power consumption of the lamp ranges from 4 W to 50 W (halogen). Of course, you can use the entire power range of the lamps sold, the main thing to take into account is that the total power of the transformer does not exceed the total power of the lamps in the system.

There are options for low-voltage lighting systems - indoor lighting, landscape lighting, artistic lighting, regular road lighting, adjustable lighting, cable lighting, but the main thing you must understand is that you will always save on your electricity bills by installing low-voltage voltage systems.

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