Unified universal power transformers (UUTP)

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Unified universal power transformers (UUTP) are designed to power electronic equipment of wide use from an industrial AC network with a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. Only one transformer of the T5 series is designed to be connected to both 127 and 220 V. The presence of several secondary windings on the transformers, designed for different currents and voltages, and the possibility of their serial and parallel connection, make it possible to obtain different combinations of currents and voltages at the output of the transformer. The presence of additional taps in the primary winding makes it possible to accurately take into account the features of the supply network.

     Схема подключения УУТП                    
Конструкция трансформаторов питания УУТП

                      Трансформаторы питания УУТП
       трансформаторы УУТП-данные

 In general, UUTP in many performance indicators is inferior to specialized power transformers such as TA, TAN, TN and TPP. The UUTP series includes 19 types of transformers manufactured on ShLM armored magnetic circuits. The electrical circuits of the UUTP are shown in Fig. 1… .9. their design is shown in Fig. 10 ... 19, the main electrical parameters are in Table 1, overall and mounting dimensions are in Table 2.

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