Interesting video on our topic

Discovery Channel "How It's Done" is all about making a transformer - pretty informative. 


Tesla transformer  the first available video, quite popular and sensibly told

An interesting 3D video shows schematically the device and the assembly sequence of the transformer

Our production:

Variable Frequency Transformer: This transformer is being developed for the New York City grid by General Electric.

A well-filmed video (though in English) on how to calculate and make a transformer at home. If you are interested, ask for a translation.

We disassemble the classic OSM-1 transformer on an armored magnetic circuit, at the same time we will study the device of such a transformer.

We make a welding machine for arc welding of copper based on a high-voltage transformer 800-850W from a microwave.

Amateur video on the device of a power supply based on a transformer,you can order a transformer here

Radio amateur trance rewind.

Current transformer device

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