Waterproof transformer

  Waterproof transformers IP 55 for swimming pool, landscape lighting, outdoor installation up to 450 W. The transformer is made on a toroidal core, wound with copper wire with high class enamel heat resistance. Placed in a sealed plastic case. The inputs and outputs are made with sealed glands.

 Waterproof transformers 450 W-3 kW are made in a sealed metal case IP54.

 On request, a transformer in a sealed case with a capacity of up to 25 kW (in single-phase version) and up to 60 kW (in three-phase version) can be made. At the request of the customer, the transformer can be equipped with a recoverable thermal protection (thermal fuse of Czech production.)

трансформатор IP56 лагозащищенный

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    By Vladimir Added on July 24, 2020 at 10:58 am

    Good afternoon, I'm interested in this type of transformer with a power of 230/24 V, 200 W or 400 W

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